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A tale of swift career rank changes — thrice in under 50 units

Fate is such a fickle mistress

After grinding away for almost a week at the port on every other ship's nav system, I had all but given up hope on the next promotion. Suddenly, after updating a ship's star map, my boss calls me into her office and pronounces me the "hull integrity guy".

Oh, what joy! But there's no time to waste, on to the next job, installing a nav system. My mind must've been preoccupied with the fresh promotion, which led me to commit a silly mistake and upload an outdated map. The ship's captain notices that and complains loudly. Which leads to high-pitched screams from my boss's office and a swift demotion. A mere 24 units of bliss, gone in a flash!

Since there ain't no use in crying over spilled milk, I now get straight back to work. This time I set my goal on lower hanging fruit, I roll the dice at repairing a ship. And, lo and behold, I more than succeed at this task. You guessed right, once again my boss is calling me into her office to give me some good career news. A mere 11 units after my demotion I get re-promoted.

So this career rollercoaster with up and down and up again took a total of just 35 units. What a rush!