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''Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears''

Borrowing from the best isn't such a bad idea.

It's quite boring in the Brig. Either you spend your hard-earned bonds on bribes to shorten your stay, or you sit out your whole sentence. And while you patiently wait for the units to turn into segments, and if you've been really bad into days, you might as well let your creative juices flow and hammer out a blog post or two.

As it turns out Sick Bay is equally tedious and thereby conducive to generating the occasional blog post.


Post Date
Word to the wise
Replies: 0
202.23/63:058 GCT
I Got 5 on It
Replies: 1
201.33/83:594 GCT
Open your eyes!
Replies: 1
199.71/28:743 GCT
The long arm of the Hotel Owners' Association
Replies: 0
200.64/96:381 GCT
The Nasty Boys
Replies: 0
198.79/23:892 GCT
Modern Slavery
Replies: 0
198.49/92:818 GCT
Be careful what you wish for!
Replies: 7
198.41/37:127 GCT
Being Mister Goody Two Shoes
Replies: 0
198.38/06:614 GCT
Lobbying and Special Interest Groups
Replies: 1
198.31/63:708 GCT
Two are better than one
Replies: 1
198.26/41:308 GCT
The recession will not be televised!
Replies: 0
198.20/64:914 GCT
There's a recession looming!
Replies: 0
198.20/28:885 GCT
A Strange Find in the Ruins - The Book of Spells (4/4)
Replies: 1
197.98/25:016 GCT
A Strange Find in the Ruins - Ship Ahoy (3/4)
Replies: 1
197.87/70:477 GCT
A Strange Find in the Ruins - Below We Go (2/4)
Replies: 1
197.74/46:450 GCT
A Strange Find in the Ruins - Prelude (1/4)
Replies: 0
197.72/96:491 GCT
Miserable Fate
Replies: 0
197.46/90:953 GCT
A tale of swift career rank changes — thrice in under 50 units
Replies: 0
197.31/85:822 GCT
Too much work can kill you
Replies: 0
197.31/28:416 GCT
A dilemma between ethics and morals
Replies: 0
197.19/46:174 GCT