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Reservoir Rats

Sadly, I've never had the time to finish this and not sure that I will.

Fade In:


Several men of different genotypes, but with matching
scruffy black suits, sit around a table nursing their
drinks. The din of the gumba-gumba MUSIC nearly drowns out
their conversation. SER JUPITER (baseline), SER VENUS
(patrician), SER MARS (mall), and SER MERCURY (harsene) have
the look of ruins rats about them. MATSHWENYEGO (baseline),
in a nicer suit, leans back from the conversation,

                    SER JUPITER
            Weaponized porn? Are you serious?

                    SER VENUS
            Dead serious. See... everyone
            downloads porn from the mesh.

                    SER MARS
            I don't.

                    SER VENUS
            Everyone downloads porn from the
            mesh. I'm just saying that if you
            could weaponize it, it's doing
            stuff inside the Obi Lattice where
            no one can see it. Everyone's data
            is encrypted, everywhere, so if
            you can weaponize the data, it
            could spread everywhere and no one
            would see it. When it goes live...
            The Catastrophe!

                    SER JUPITER
            Humanity almost went extinct
            because of porn?

                    SER MERCURY
            That's the dumbest thing I've
            heard in cycles. What? You had a
            negative mutation the last time
            you respawned?

                    SER VENUS
            What? Ser Smarty-Suit jealous
            because he didn't think of it

Mercury is about to respond when he's interrupted.

                    SER MARS
            The gods did it.

Everyone pauses and stares at Mars.

                    SER MERCURY
            I may just owe you an apology,

                    SER MARS
            We are their playthings.

                    SER JUPITER
            You seriously believe that gosa?

                    SER MARS
            I seriously believe that gosa.

                    SER VENUS
            Why the hell would you worship
            something like that?

                    SER MARS
            "Believe", not "worship." I have
            no respect for beings who would do
            something like that.

                    SER JUPITER
            And yet here you are, sitting at
            the table with the rest of the

                    SER MARS
            I respect credits.

            And when you rats lift my box,
            you'll earn a lot of respect. Now
            let's pay for our drinks and get
            the hell out of here.

As the men get up to leave, Mercury buttons up his coat,
quickly hiding the auto slicer tucked into his belt.