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Announcing the Unofficial Tau Station Short Story Contest

The leadership of the TAU syndicate conducts an unofficial Tau Station Short Story Contest.

It is open to every Tau Station player.

Are you interested in writing, and winning some sweet prizes? Then read on...

Your Short Story

You can participate by writing a story with the following parameters:

  • Set in the Tau Station Universe
  • Length between 1,500 and 10,000 words (though we might allow outliers on either side at our own discretion)
  • It must thematically fit to one of the Tau Station festivities, including Emberfest, Reclamation Day, or Recycling Day (an unofficial celebration on the first day of a new cycle, where customarily gifts are sent to random strangers).
  • Age rating up to PG-16. Avoid explicit language and disturbing themes worthy of a content warning.

Update: If it's not a 1,500+ words short story, but something else (a poem, an even shorter story, whatever) submit it anyway. If we have enough such submissions, we'll make it a separate category, and figure out prizes as appropriate.

How To Participate

You may submit one short story, by doing the following:

  • Publish your story on your in-game blog
  • Send an in-game mail to moritz, with subject Short Story Submission, and a link to the blog entry in the body of the mail.

Time Line and Voting

  • You can submit your short stories until 207.96/00:000 GCT, aka 2020-12-29 00:00 UTC
  • Voting will start as soon as all submissions have been processed, and will be open until 207.99/00:000 aka 2021-01-01 00:00 UTC
    • You will be able to vote for as many stories as you want, but limited to one vote per story.
    • Ties will be handled at the discretion of TAU Syndicate leadership.
  • The winners will be announced on 207.99 aka New Year 2021

The Prizes

The winner gets 30 days worth of VIP, an X35 Wasp (or, at their choice, another unclaimed epic from TAU's storage) and a Secure Storage Blueprint.

The second place wins 20 days of VIP and a Blue Steel (or, at their choice, another unclaimed epic from TAU's storage).

The third place wins 10 days of VIP as well as a piece of epic equipment item from TAU's storage.

Cash substitutes (in the form of in-game credits) are available on demands.

All participants with valid entries will get a small gift as a reward.

Further Organization

Please help spread the news!

Voting instructions, winners and possible rule updates will be announced in the Tau Station discord, in-game chat and on moritz' blog.

Have fun everybody, and we're eagerly waiting for your submissions.

Submissions So Far