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The One Open Question in Politics

Imagine, for a second, a totally imaginary scenario: Consortium vs. Gaule in open conflict.

Who would win?

The answer is very obvious, even if we know next to nothing about the relative military strengths: Consortium wins, hands down.


Let me tell you why: Infrastructure.

If we look at certain infrastructures, it is very obvious that the Consortium controls all of the important aspects:

  • Travel/Transport: the Consortium controls all 5 currently accessible jump gates.
  • Water: Spirit of Botswana is under Consortium control. In case of necessity, Gaule could try to extract water from EstaciĆ³n de Amazon, but could only supply The Maid of Orleans with it; for every other station, it'd need jump gate access.
  • Food: the main producer is The Ghost of Mail, again a Consortium station.
  • Energy: we only have indirect data here through antimatter prices as ship fuel, but that indicates that the Consortium can sell antimatter about 5x as cheap as the cheapest Gaule source (Nouveau Limoges). This indicates that Gaule resells fuel it buys from the Consortium, or only has massively less efficient energy sources. Or maybe the Consortium heavily subsidises fuel on Tau Station. If it does so, it must have some very good reasons, and the economic resources to sustain that over the cycles I have observed this behavior.
  • Ships: the Consortium controls 3 out of 5 operational shipyards, the Gaule only one.

Given all these very clear advantages of the blue faction, we have to ask ourselves a very serious question:

Why hasn't the Consortium cut off the Gaule from its infrastructure, leaving them to die?

Or if not leaving them to die, then at the very least to assert their dominance, or to assimilate more Gaule stations over time (as happened to Yards of Gadani).

I have several hypotheses:

  • It's actually happening, but slow, in a "death by a thousand cuts" kind of way. Likely the blue don't want to provoke open military action, which would be costly for both sides. But victory is inevitable, and so there is no need for haste either.
  • The Gaule have one or more very powerful bargaining chips that I haven't considered yet. The warships that survived the Catastrophe at Maid of Orleans might have interesting databases, and I have no idea where in the galaxy Computer chips, stims and VIP packs are being produced.
  • Humanitarian reasons (but who am I kidding?)
  • There might be a fear that a dying Gaule administration could strike back with unpredicted strength, possibly through computer-based attacks, or from pre-Catastrophe weapons systems.

It could be a combination of several of these, or I could be missing something crucial.

What do you think, dear reader?


  1. Perhaps there's some important resource that the Gaule provide, but Consortium scientists have yet to figure out. Taking the station where that resource is produced wouldn't be much help, since the directions for working with it are probably in French and the Gaule, who probably provide translations from French, would likely take them off the Mesh if the Consortium declared war.

  2. Warp engines. No Anti-Matter, less cost. Don't need jump gates.

  3. Warp engines? Where can I read about these? I didn't see them in the archives, blogs or any other public information throughout the the Consortium, the Gaule Protectorate, and the various independent and freebooter organizations.
    How could they function without antimatter? Where would they get their energy?

  4. You won't see them anywhere as they are top secret Gaule files. The Gaule use them to conduct only top-level missions without using the consortium jump gates. A Warp drive consists of a traveling pod and a flattened torus around the pod. The torus consists of extremely dense material. The Alcubierre-White Warp Drive requires about 700kg of such material but does not require a lot of refueling. Although there are a lot of downsides to this, the idea is that the warp drive has nearly unlimited speed as the space time bubble created by the craft can travel dozens of times above light speed. The Gaule have even found a way to gather energy from charged particles trapped in the space time bubble during warp. The Gaule ceded their one shipyard in AC for money to secretly construct the ship. There are two versions of the warp drive which are stored by the Gaule. One can be used as a weapon of mass destruction, as if the aforementioned particles are not cleared up, they may be capable of destroying whole star systems. The second is used to transport eminent leaders in the case of war. I hope this clears some things up, although I am sure that it brings up more questions.

  5. So what you are saying is that the Gaule have a star-killer bomb AND a gateless-jumpable ship to deliver it?
    Why would they stop at one?
    Also, if they can build these super-jumpers, then why wouldn't they make ALL their ships super-jumpers?
    Nothing we know about could defend against that.

    What it all boils down to, though, is this. Where did you find out about all this? Is it reliable?
    If it is, then all by itself it would account for the Consortium's tolerance of the Gaule, and it would actually justify limitless funding and authority for the DZ and any other secret spy network they might spawn to protect us.
    Even one super-jumping starlkiller strike bomber could ruin your whole hundredspan.

  6. There are only a few of these as the costs are gigantic. I mean the Gaule had to sell a whole station to accommodate the costs.

    My source was an ex pilot for the safe version of the ship. When he got to old to fly the ship, he retired. The Gaule then destroyed his clones and killed him. Before he was killed, he left his house. They nabbed him with drugs laced into his drink.

  7. And yet here you are, openly posting your knowledge to the Mesh. Aren't you at all worried that SAG may notice and give you the same treatment?

  8. My question in a nutshell. Thank you, Ser Shadow.

  9. I am a Ruins Rat. My connection to society is limited. This makes me hard to track. My hope is to spread this information to the extent where SAG is no longer capable of quarantining the leak. I am against the existence of such a weapon, and find that the benefits to society of this innovation are flat out knocked off the table. I doubt that the Gaule will destroy their creation, in which case the consortium should consider creating one of their own. That way we have MAD in the case of a launch.

  10. MAD is Mutual Assured Destruction for reference.