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Dreams Shattered

As you might have read previously, I've founded a syndicate, calling it the Institute for Ration-Ality, short IRA.

About two days afterwards, I have received a very polite letter that scared the heck out of me.

You see, the Consortium's very own Internal Revenue Authority was slightly concerned that by using a clashing short name, I was trying to scam citizens or visitors to pay their taxes to my syndicate, rather than to their proper recipient.

The letter continued to state that while they didn't have a legal case against me yet, that if such a thing happened, they would assume intent on my part.

They also informed me that a policy was being discussed that would allow them to have an extra detailed look at the financial records of citizens that were brought to their attention by whistle-blowers, without any evidence. Totally unrelated to the current name clash under discussion, of course.

I have fought ruins rats, brigands, slavers on Moissan, defied the DZ, SAG and the Chemist. But against the IRA, the real IRA, there is no fighting.

I hereby introduce you to my syndicate, the Tauverse Adventurers United, short TAU.

I admit defeat.


  1. My friend, I feel your pain.

    We can only hope that the stories of the long-abandoned stations that might still be suitable for refurbishung, are true. If at some future we can get a station of our own, then maybe, just maybe, we can finally escape the financial and surveillance nets of real IRA.

  2. I confess an intense interest in finding a surviving station under the control of Independents. I've even got a nice long brown leather jacket ready to go.