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Institute of Ration-ality [IRA], the First Syndicate

Today, my co-founders and me created the

Institute of Ration-ality

We maximize fun for all adventurers.

We do this for others by authoring and maintaining the Tau Guide, welcoming and mentoring new players, freely sharing all information, and trading.

For ourselves, we go exploring the Universe, its mechanics, laws and inhabitants. And sometimes, it's just fun to crush an opponent (as long as the opponent is not a member of the IRA).

What will we do? We will explore, trade, fight and collaborate. Whatever opportunities open, and that seem fun, we will use.

The plans are not very specific yet, because we don't know yet what a license Syndicate will be able to do.

Rubber Hits the Docks

It turns out, the basic syndicate license only covers 10 members.

My three co-founders and me, that makes 4.

Maybe it is my stellar reputation, or maybe it's the fact that there is only one syndicate so far, but it turns out we're quite popular. Besides the founders, 9 others applied in the next ~ 50 segments.

And now the trouble begins. I don't want to exclude anybody. It might be economical to simply pick the strongest and/or wealthiest applicants, but it feels wrong. And there might be valuable insights from having lots of different characters and experience levels inside our small group.

So, the government has answered my request for upping the limit... for the small fee of 990 bonds. Uuufff. Even for wealthy me, that's a serious chunk of money.

But hey, I'm not alone! I have awesome fellow adventurers in my syndicate, and so we can share the load. Everybody can donate bonds, and I'm opening my vaults, and incentivize donations by giving out some of my precious rations and VIP packs. Let's see how this goes!