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A Shift in the Fabric of Spacetime

I can put a date on it. 198.45.

Something changed.

In combat, my trusty Dur Zip Zap started missing its target. Sometimes these ruins-found can be a tad unreliable, so I switched to another one from my storage, and had the same result.

From my weapons testing days, I remembered that Handgun Reclaim had slightly higher accuracy, so I tried that to. I sill missed most of my shots.

Maybe it was me, after all?

No. I checked with my friends, and some of my enemies. Several of them confirmed it.

Maybe something in the reduced gravity of Yards of Gadani had messed with my and their sense of aim? That turned out to be wishful thinking. Other stations had the same phenomenon.

It took me much longer than I would like to admit, but finally some friends and me figured out that that shotguns and rifles continued to work at a distance, but short-barrel rifles and hand guns stopped working at a distance.

I'd really like to know what happened, but so far I have no clue what it might have been, only what the results were.

I guess I'll have to do another weapon comparison session that takes into account these changes in spacetime, and also the resent additions to my weapon collections.