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The %s

After much lobbying and absolving hurried courses on navigation, technology and ship handling, I've finally been able to purchase my own ship!

With the embargo on private ships having lifted so recently, the experience was a bit rougher than I'm sure it will be soon. For example, the vendor did not accept any direct debit payment, so I had to walk up to the bank, fetch more than 200,000 credits, and carried it back to the Shipyard. You can imagine I was a bit jumpy, walking around with that much money.

Now I just needed a name for my pretty, shiny new ship.

During the last cycle, I've noticed that various people, independent of each other, have affectionately called me %s.

I don't know what I've done to earn that nickname, though ancient texts on computer programming mention a related concept called an f-sprint or something; I didn't quite understand how the relation works.

This seemed to be a fitting name for my ship, but since the Galactic Ship Registration Office requires longer names (at least three characters), I've chosen to call it The %s instead. It also reduces the chances of somebody mixing up me and my ship.

Now I'm happily cruising around in The %s, learning the ins and outs about where the fuel is cheapest and so on. Fun times!


  1. Congratulations. And I'm not envious. Not at all. I like Public Shuttles.