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Blogging while dead

... or nearly so.

Did you know that after you die, but before you fully awake in the nearest Cloning Vat, there is a piece of you that's still conscious?

I must say, this is a rather unnerving feeling; though if I were into Bondage, I might get off this feeling of strict confinement.

Aaaanyway, the curious thing is that, in this state, I can still access my CORETECHS, and write blog posts. They might not be as coherent as usual though.

If you wonder how I died, it's simply. I let a friend kill me after I had a clone ready, of a different genotype. I used to be Baseline, now I'll be Harsene. I'm curious and somewhat anxious to see how that will turn out. Wish me luck!


  1. And after your clone has gestated he is weak, totally defenseless and flat broke. Attacking is less fun than taking candy from a baby, if the baby had no candy in the first place. But at least you're fairly safe in suck^Wsick bay for a few segments afterwards. ;-D

  2. Judging by the post date, this was about three weeks ago. I'm curious, how is Harsene-ing?

  3. I must say, a bit disappointing. I didn't really profit from the famed need for less sleep that Harsenes are always assumed to have. But it did ease some of my intellectual studies.