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The 28,000 Credits Capacitor

Often times, the Public Market is a pretty boring place. The wealthy have credits to spend, but tend to have full storages already, and little interest to buy.

Two things break the monotony of this equilibrium. The first is my collector's drive to obtain all armor and weapons that can be found. The other is when somebody acquires an item of great value, and needs credits for University courses, travel or weapons.

One fine day a young adventurer contacted me through my CORETECHS -- I must have built quite a reputation as a collector. Let's call him MS, for Mysterious Seller.

MS was in the possession of two high-quality doses of Vaccaro-Ibrahim Particles. How this came to be, I don't know, and don't want to ask, just so that I can continue to assume it was perfectly legal.

The first, he used himself. The other, MS sold to me. It didn't take long for us to agree on a price that, I suspect, was far beyond anything he had seen in his life, and worth it for me. 280,000 credits. More than a quarter of a million.

There was just one catch: my mysterious potential seller could not afford the seller's fee of 10%. I took a gamble, and decided to send pay the seller's fee for him. But since the Sarbanes-Poe Act of GCT 104.34, sending the money directly was prohibited. What to do?

From my own days on Tau Station I remembered that my friend Norbert sold capacitors for less than a credit each. With a bit of coaching, MS quickly got the hang on what he had to do: buy a bunch of capacitors, and sell the first one for 30 credits. I bought it, which enabled him to sell the next one for 300. After that, 3000 credits. And finally, he put another capacitor up on the market for 28,000 credits, which I bought.

Now MS had the capital to sell the Vaccaro-Ibrahim dose, and my heart was racing. Would he actually put it up on the market? Or try to run away with the small fortune I had already given him, in blind faith? Oh sure, if he did that, I'd do my best to track him down and beat him up, but if we stayed on Tau, that might not work, and still, I likely wouldn't get my money back. Or another wealthy collector could snatch it from under my nose, leaving me more than 30k poorer, with only three capacitors to show.

In the end, the trade went through, and MS and me, we celebrated our deal.

Since then, I've heard little of MS, but I will always remember that day I spent 28,000 credits on a capacitor.