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Amore for Armor

So, armor is up next.

Since I have much fewer different kinds of armor than weapons at my disposal, I can talk about them in more depth.

Again I've separated them into less and more sophisticated armor; let's start with the simpler group.

Simpler Armor

Anti-Energy Armor

I've tested two kinds of armor, Anti-Energy Kataginu and Chitinous Curaiss. The latter offers a bit tiny bit more protection against energy, but is 70% heavier than the former. If strength is not your strength, or you like to travel less encumbered, use the Anti-Energy Kataginu.

Combined Armor

I've tested four pieces of armor that protect against more than one type of damage:

  • Old Combat Suit
  • Smeared Composite Armor
  • Worn Composite Armor
  • Tsuba Ring Mail

The first three protect against all three kinds of damage (piercing, impact, energy), while the latter does not short-circuit shocks.

The Old Combat Suit defends worse against all kinds of damage than Smeared Composite Armor and than Worn Composite Armor. It is slightly lighter than both of the sturdier options, but the difference is slight (only 100g lighter than Worn Composite Armor).

The Smeared variant protects slightly better than Worn against blunt impact, but worse against piercing and energy. It is also 900g heavier than Worn.

Of the first three options, I recommend the Worn Composite Armor if it is available to you, with the Smeared Composite Armor as the close runner-up.

Use Tsuba Ring Mail if you do not need protection against electricity, since it protects better against the other damage types.

More Sophisticated Armor

Anti-Energy Armor

Arc Master's Suit is the winner in the category "defense against dark currents". It has the best resistance to stun attacks, and is the lightest with 7.8 kg.

Second best in terms of defense are Reflectrix™ and G21 Armor System, though with 11.5 and 13 kg, respectively, they are much heavier.

Anubis Armor offers the worst defenses, and with 10.5 kg it is lighter than Reflectrix and G21, but still heavier than Arc Master.

Impact Defense Armor

Nothing rivals Yōkai Cloak's protection against blunt impact, and with 2.6 kg it is phenomenally light. While Heavy Liquid Armor Suit comes close in terms of protection, it weighs more than three times as much (9 kg)


I've had the chance to test some more armor systems since I first wrote this entry, and while I'm too lazy to write about it all, here is a table of which armor to prefer to which other:

worse                           better                      
Anti-Energy Vest                Scratchy Tunic              
Combat Suit                     Padded PVC Catsuit          
Cracked Bodysuit                Scuffed Riding Suit         
Dented Dual Layer Vest          LCVG-X10                    
Dilapidated Leather Dress       Lightly Padded Coat         
Harold's Jacket                 Lightly Padded Coat         
Heavy Coat                      Lightly Padded Coat         
LE-Suit 78                      Anti-Energy Jump Suit       
Mildewed Leather Duster         Lightly Padded Coat         
Misshapen Combat Vest           Musty Leather Robes         
Moth Eaten Kimono               Musty Leather Robes         
Padded Combat Suit              Scuffed Riding Suit         
Patchwork Combat Vest           Corroded Combat Vest        
Patchwork Long Coat             Scuffed Riding Suit         
Pipe Mail                       Scuffed Riding Suit         
Plastic Jumpsuit                LCVG-X10                    
Putrid Plate Mail               Musty Leather Robes         
Reinforced Jumpsuit             Scuffed Riding Suit         
Reinforced Vest                 Scratchy Tunic              
Ribbed Trench                   Lightly Padded Coat         
Ripped Electrician's Overalls   Ripped Jumpsuit             
Rusted Scale Mail               Battered Breastplate        
Scavenger Plate                 Padded PVC Catsuit          
Scorched Electrician's Suit     Ripped Jumpsuit             
Shabby Uniform                  Musty Leather Robes         
Shattered Ballistic Vest        Poly-vinyl Coveralls        
Storm Armor                     Tattered LCVG-X7            
Tarnished Combat Armor          Battered Breastplate        
Tattered Trench Coat            Musty Leather Robes         
The Robe of Rotten Embroidery   Scuffed Riding Suit         
Torn Jumpsuit                   Poly-vinyl Coveralls        
Worn Diffusion Armor            Anti-Energy Jump Suit       
Worn Overalls                   Ripped Jumpsuit             

Anti-Energy Kaftan              Arc Dancer's Dress          
Anti-Energy Plate Armor         Arc Dancer's Dress          
Anti-Energy Trench              Arc Dancer's Dress          
Arc Dodger Suit                 Anti-Energy Kataginu        
Arc Jumper Jacket               Arc Dancer's Dress          
Banded Kuyak                    Medium Liquid Armor Suit    
Banded Leather Trench           Medium Liquid Armor Suit    
Chain-Backed Scale Mail         Medium Riot Gear            
Diffusion Armor                 Light Storm Armor           
HoS Leather Jacket              Spidersilk Robes            
Lampyridae Armor                Arc Absorption Cloak        
Light Diffusion Jump Suit       Arc Dancer's Dress          
Light Flak Jacket               Light Kinetic Vest          
Light Liquid Armor Suit         Spidersilk Robes            
Lightning Armor                 Arc Absorption Cloak        
Light P3 Impact Suit            Spidersilk Robes            
Light Tatami Gusoku             Spidersilk Robes            
Metal Banded Electrician's Suit Light Storm Armor           
P3 Energy Suit                  Anti-Energy Kataginu        
P3 Impact Suit                  Red Valboa Trench           
P3 Piercing Suit                Medium Riot Gear            
Reinforced Blast Vest           Patelloida Plated Body Armor
Ruins Diving Suit               Composite Dō                
Spidersilk Dress                Spidersilk Robes            
Spiked Leather Jacket           Spidersilk Concealable Vest 
Star Stalker Armor              Red Valboa Trench           
Stiff Hard-Shelled Combat Suit  Light Storm Armor           
Studded Leather                 Red Valboa Trench           
Whispering Robes                Spidersilk Robes            

Anubis Armor                    Arc Master's Suit           
G21 Armor System                Arc Master's Suit           
Heavy Liquid Armor Suit         Yōkai Cloak                 
Reflectrix™                     Arc Master's Suit           


I conduct my business in the Worn Composite Armor, since it seems to be the most balanced defense against a mostly unpredictable world. In specific cases, Arc Master's Suit and Yōkai Cloak are clear winners in their own categories.