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Lady in Red

Even when I'm on the job, I'm always check'n out the markets. The hopping stations is the opportunity to browse the wares. Just finished a job on Bordeaux, I recc'n, and was looking through some Fine Quality Scavenge and I clocked the most wondrous red trench coat. Then I looked at the price tag and passed out on the floor, there and then.

In hindsight, a contributing factor might have been this antique combat suit I was given for a job well done. Taint half heavy and I'd just been for a workout. Sawbones said I need to keep up with the rations if I'm going to lug all that gear around. Figure I'll just hit the weights twice as hard. Like to keep my options open, don't I?

Startin to fancy a Mantis, myself. I designed some ship modules back in the day. Better be volume kitted out for extra storage, for I found that same red trench coat at Kenny's two stations further out at a third the price and grabbed it in a Helium flash. One thing about the Mantis is that you can sight where it's tied up. All those Razorbacks are starting to look as one t'nother.

Sent the elegant dress to storage until then and the jian should go with it. Watch out, StylePigs! With a respectable wakizashi strapped to my side as I stride down the gangplank in long, fiery red coat and big white furry trim ...

I shall look faboulous