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A touch of lace

Ever since I met Ayla, at the back of my mind is an image forming of that high-capacity nanowire she's been researching and what it could be used for. I've been keeping an eye out for a tailor that could breath new life into my vintage leather. They might have a way of weaving lace out of this nanowire. I have this vision of a full-length cheongsam in a deep purple lace layered over top of the dark leather of the high collared dress to really bring out its garnet hues. I can also just about see the look of incredulity on the fool's face who sees their Plasma rifle dissipate along my swirls of nanowire. Someone's going to Sickbay. :)

Now for accessories. As much as I'd love a sleek Athens-500 holstered discreetly for an evening's entertainment, I can't afford it.

That Jian I picked up in a private sale has a certain je'ne sais quoi. Slung on my left hip, it brings an elegance to the outfit and as a teaching tool for those who lack the proper sartorial respect.

Oooh, I found out why people like the Mantis. It looks overpriced, but all the credits have gone into making it dead simple to handle. I may have to look one over.