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That blind, cretinous, fume-sniffing, lobby-swilling, half-cooked goo-for-brains of a crane operator couldn't see the bright orange work suit I was wearing specifically so that spanner hands up there in the box would NOT crush me with a barrel of regocrete hardner. That wasn't exactly high on my list of desires today. Utilees laezyouh, fis'cheve

Woke up in sick bay with a broke pin thinking - I gotta get off the docks and ship out to the stars. Maybe my own boat. Captain Tsikhanouskaya... I like the sound of that.

ooh, got plenty time here to think of a name


The Apotheosis of Lü Dongbin?

Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir?

In our Segment of Direst Need, He Xiangu Appeared Unlooked For?

Liberté, égalité, sororité?

If I ever find my lonesome with a Mantis, I think Theological Exposition would be appropriate, but they're so over-priced for what they are, I don't think I've seen one on the docks before. You've gotta have more credits than brains or be in a tight spot not to save up and get the Razorback.


Well ... If I ever figure out which clone-blank it was, I'll help that vat fungus to a fresh breath of vacuum, I swear I will.


  1. A very late welcome to Tau Station. Why don't you make yourself known in chat? We don't bite :)