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A nice little find

Most of my days, I'm just shuttling between the Docks, the gym and my room, so I take breaks down the Market just to look at all the shiny I've nought the credits for. Most of the good stuff is either on the racks at Rey's or on Dave's wall, but for some reason, today I turned into Norbert's, I did. Hidden way at the back, I find this old leather dress that has seen much better days. I almost pass it over until I see the collar! Nice and high - sharp at the points. Colour has a bit of fade that gives it a touch of pre-Cat class. It needs some love and shuttle lubricant shore ain' up to the job. Can't find a tailor for love nor bonds on Tau. I'll just have to make my way aroun the Sol stations, an' seek out a threadsmith that can turn this dirty ice into a comet's tail of an outfit worth the journey to be steppin out in the grand halls of ... dare I say it ...

Cirque Centari