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Day down the Market

The clothes I stepped out in were starting to suffer from dragging containers roun the Docks, so I took a trip down to the Market. There's not a great selection of rags to choose from when you're saving for Uni, so y'gotta make those credits count. Affer going roun all the vendors, I spent over 3 segments shuttling back 'n forth between Rey's and Dave's looking for a good value extraderm.

The coveralls were comfortable and good for work, but a little thin. The jumpsuit was pretty skookum, but heavy. I got to thinking that its bulk was going to make impossible crawling in those tight spaces between ship modules. I finally settled on this orange catsuit from Rey's. No loose fabric and the colour'll keep those half-blind mech-drivers from buttering into me with the heavies. The other rags were a nice shade of cerulean, sweetness to my eye, but if I hear one more knuckle-dragger simper how it matches my eyes, they'd be woken up in the middle of next 10 span.

Got it home and twas a little bit frayed on the seams, but it has loads of pockets and it's toasty warm.

And let me tell you, stardust ... space is cold.


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