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The Top 10 things you didnt know about laboratories

Okay, when I began the caREER OF CLONE SPECIALIST, I WAS A {sorry for caps} employee at the bottom of the totem pole. I was a nobody. Once I reached the third tier of an employee, I began to realize the government syndicated scam that is cloning. You do realize that each clone is injected with RFID chips that not only track your location but monitor your thoughts? At any rate, I began to slow the cloning process, and now tht I have been promoted, my access over the world ever even easier. I am a good person like you or the next guy, but with the psychological implants the government ads to ur clones, I think I'm doing you a favor by slowing them down with anti-growth hormones. I'sm breaking consortial law to save the humans, iS that so bad. Chillin in Tau. Luv ya. Luv Merril even more. -Miruki vesspucci (2k prior to the cartoon) Lates