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Bars and stripes

Well, shortly after I got to Koberhavn, Merril had to head back to Tau station for another University course. I had to stay and work in the cloning labs, because they were not willing to give me a transfer. This made me very angry, but I decided to not quit. I kept working, and they told me they are going to force me to transfer to Taungoo station! I emailed Merril about how pissed I was at that. Then Frederick, one of my coworkers, accused me of sneaking anti growth hormones into the vats! Me! The guards didn't hesitate to lock me up, but I'm sure when my court segment comes around I'll be able to prove it wasn't me. I hired an amazing lawyer named Zephier.


  1. What a day.
    Those lawyers cost a fortune, but they sure can be worth it. I got my fair share of accusations too, some from former customers, if you know what I mean.
    They're all determined to get what they want, not always willing to pay for it, and they won't hesitate to point the finger if it's going to help them out somehow.
    Congrats on the transfer to Taungoo, though. It's a nice place. The cook at Seishu can always use a hand with the noodles, too. Watch out for the Kyarr. They may be watching for you. I know they like to make sure I feel "welcome . . . "
    Whatever you do, don't leave there without trying the noodles.

  2. I remember leaving a station - just for my course to be finished.

    If you have any spare time in Taungoo, come visit me in the ruins! And do try the ramen, it's very good.