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Milk & Coffee

Hoi. It's everyone's favorite station dweller, Miruki! :D I'm coming at you today from the clones laboratory, it seems like a great day in space. The stars outside the window shine unusually bright, and where am I amongst them? Still stuck on the Tau station, trying to get me some rations from the government. A development musing though, wouldn't it be interesting if you could learn cooking from the University? Rations handed out by the government would still be the most filling of course, but what if you could go to certain planets and find foodstuffs to cook up, restore a little stamina, or boost it temporarily. Also, what if you could buy a storage garage in a station and store commodities there(some of which could be foodstuffs) Just some thoughts, I gotta go though, the guards are upset I'm loitering, and one of them said they'd throw me in the brig. Lates! -Miruki


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