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Okay... Ouch....

I came to Taungoo station because I got an email from my wife Miruki that she wanted to meet me for a beer here, but when I was out searching for the inn, I was walking down an alley somewhere, when I saw the shadow of a man creep out of sight. The next thing I knew, someone slammed into me from behind, pinning me to a wall. I felt them grab my wallet, and as I tried to recall the little combat training I had from the University on Tau Station, my attacker grabbed my hair and pulled my head back... "You shouldn'ta messed with Delisubs!" is what I heard whispered before my head was slammed forcefully into the wall. I woke up an hour later with my pants on backward, then I phoned the medics. Now I'm in the brig. The moral of the story, once I get out of the hospital, and over this splitting headache, it's time to head back to the university for more combat training!