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The Half-Done Logs Of A Former Military Jumper, Third Log

Well, I ain't dead! This is Cycle 210, Day 90- bit quicker than my last one, ain' it? I'm doin' better! Anyway, shrinks are getting happy with my progress- less outbursts, and I didn't pull out my blade when I saw a roach!

Business is doin' pretty nice too... but I'm gettin' bored workin' on this level. I think I'ma start pursuing some Uni classes, and hitting the gym more often. If at all possible... I want this body back in the shape it was in my fleet days, but that's ages away. Based on this unit system we use now... If my strength is 11.311 now... I'd say my strength was 200-bout. Granted that was with cycles and cycles of effort, boosters, synthetic muscle surgeries... But hey, if I did it once, ya know?

Anyway, just wanted ta check in... since I got a reply on my last one, I figure I'll put some actual effort into these, and give myself a grand life so I have somethin' exciting to talk 'bout! Helps knowin' people really read this junk.