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The Half-Done Logs of a Former Military Jumper, Second Log

Former Fleet Private Lionel 'Kitten' Hein, GCT Date is 209.01/59. Again, not dealing with units.

So. It's been a while since my last post. I've kind of been dark lately, but I'm fine. Mostly. Really, I'm just trying to focus on being a better salesman... but civvy life isn't really dealing to well with me. I think I'm about to make a more... er... 'lucrative' form of business.

Scavengers make pretty good bucks once they get into it, right? I mean, I'm not the strongest, given my stupid Belt' genes, but I can get around that...

I may not have the BODY of a former Fleet Private, but by the stars above, I've got the memories. Just those other Scavvies wait until I'm back in shape...

Oh! Also, met this sweet Mall chick. Don't really get the stigma between genes myself, she's pretty great. Who knows, maybe I can finally make a friend that doesn't carry a Y-chromosome?