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The Half-Done Logs of a Former Military Jumper, First Log

Former Fleet Private Lionel 'Kitten' Hein, GCT Date, uh... 207.0/83 and some change, not gonna bother with units.

Anyway, yeah. I know I'm posting this pretty quick after my first one, but I'm a certified idiot! Behold, a series of things a former jumper doesn't realize when he uses a voice-corder for his first time:

1). A VC has an editing software for all his dumb mistakes, which would save a lot of useless whitenoise in-between sentences.

2). A blog has to have an actual post in order for people to be able to respond.

3). A VC also records the start and stop commands issued, which also have to be trimmed out in the editing software.

I probably missed a few things, but I think that's it.

Anyway, this is just so anyone actually interested in the life and death of a Fleet Jumper can ask said Jumper their questions, which he may or may not respond to, depending on whether or not I'm acting as an impromptu P.I., scavenging the Ruins, or being an actual salesman. Not sure how they haven't fired me yet- I'm rarely at work anyway.

Fire away. Kitten Hein, logging off.