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The Half-Done Logs of a Former Military Jumper

Wait, so I just spea- OH! It's recording! Uh... Hi? This is... Cycle 207, Day 0, I believe? Man, I've, uh... never touched one of these, everything in the fleet was written- digitally written, but still. Pen and tablet, 'old-school', as it were. Supposed to be more therapeutic than typing or recording, or at least that's what the shrinks said. Can we really call it old-school if the 'old' isn't remembered, though? Ah, well...


Right, so! This blog is just going to be about... whatever I feel like. The therapy guides- you know, the medical shrinks they have constantly sending unsolicited advice to your mail if you're post-fleet?- said I needed to do this as a... 'coping mechanism' after my old body bought it. At least they were kind enough to keep me in storage until things settled down- my [EXPLICATIVE FILTERED] self probably would have tried to be some kind of hero and get right back in there, even though I couldn't afford another clone- heck, the reason I have THIS body is because it's G.I. for all jumpers.

Well, I'm not gonna bore you with some kinda history lesson, although I suppose if you want to ask a few questions in the comments, answering might get these shrinks to shut up for a few tenspans.

Suffice to say, Tau is peaceful in comparison, and I already love this place. Helped some barkeep out, nearly punched an officer in the face, and got to look at some -possibly- Pre-Cat' tech. All in all, an eventful first few days.

Gonna log off now. Odds are no one will read this, but thanks anyway. Drop questions below, I guess?

...Oh right, I have to say stop reco-


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