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Anima Foundation, Prometheans and Moemedi

Here is a powder keg for you. We certainly know where the Prometheans stand on the One Path. One thing is for sure is we have not seen the cultish harvesting types on this station. That might be due to the weird police state with the Kyarr. The Anima Foundation seems to have taken cloning to the next level. Not only do they have a cloning facility here. You can change your genotype! The guy at the cloning facility seemed to be very matter of fact about it too, like it was commonplace around here. I think that just adds another level of wrongness for the Prometheans which will make the atmosphere around the symposium much more tenuous.

The one ally I have is the Moemedi. There was an incident at the market that has squarely implicated some staff at the Moemedi facility. The merchant involved was framed somehow, so there seems to be an accomplice at work. The number of mysteries continues to climb. Will we ever find closure on any of these?