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Missing person to missing persons

I wake up this morning with a message waiting on my CORETECHS. It is a message from Sergeant Diao Bu. There is a bolo out for some news guy. Any information should be reported to the security office. I guess that made sense that a news guy would be on site with a high level conference about to take place.

I make a morning of it at the market and go back to the inn. I leave my purchases in the room and decide to have lunch at the bar. I saddle up to the bar and order a drink and some food. As the barkeep was attending to me, her attention was distracted. I followed her glances to another customer at the bar with a very stern, angry and distant stare. I could see why the barkeep was watching this one. You might as well have woken up in the clone center if you got between her and that stare. I tell the barkeep to give her a drink on my tab. The barkeep said she would pour it but I would have to take it down to her. I agreed. The barkeep poured the drink and put it in front of me. I pick it up and walk it down and sit next to the agitated woman at the bar. I offer her a drink for her troubles.

We get to talking. It is quite the convoluted mess. The day doesn’t get any better either. By the time I get done poking around in various places, at least three more people have vanished. Now, I begin to wonder if I am cursed? Everyone I try to help seems to go away. That isn’t cool. The list of entities or people that my look for me later seems to have grown exponentially in a single day.