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A time to relax...

I get a good night sleep. I wake up refreshed and realize that I have a good deal of time to myself. I just wrapped up my Item Repair 1 class the other day. I made a quick trip to Tau and back to register for Combat Utilities 1. Upon returning to Taungoo, I decide it is a good time to work out at the gym. I work through my routines. Near the end, a personal trainer walks by and offers a workout tip. I try it out and thank the lady. We get to talking and she mentions a client of hers that she is concerned about. I never turn down a chance to meet new people. She said that ever since she started her new job, she hasn’t been herself. She has been hanging out mostly in the lounge as of late. After I finish up my workout, get cleaned up and decide to check out the lounge.

Entering the lounge, I scan the room and I see a woman matching the description the trainer gave me. I offer to buy her a drink and talk about her troubles and that her friend at the gym was concerned. She didn’t want to get me involved, but we settled in for a history lesson about what kids learn on the station. She was very depressed and convinced she has been cursed! There is a story the kids are told that seems to have some truth to it apparently. I made a note to myself to investigate the old CORETECHS interface behind the government center. I will not get any help from the woman as this is the source of her troubled state and says it is also locked out with a security code. I will have to do some more studying at the university before diving deeper into that mystery. Who has been messing with that data port? Was it someone pre-Catastrophe or locals or yet another third party?