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A work day at Taungoo

Sleep was good but disturbed. I got a quick bite from the local cafe and got myself down to the Security office. No doubt there would be paperwork involved. I entered the office and let the front desk know I was here on assignment. Of course, they didn’t have any record. Great! I waited for bit and then was put in the care of Sergeant Diao Bu. It turns out he is also on special assignment from the Consortium. This office seems overrun as its cousin at Daedalus. He is very happy to have the help and sends me out on an immediate assignment. It seems the Promethean’s are coming to town. Since the Anima Foundation believes in clone technology, there could be trouble. I am to snoop around and see if there is any trouble brewing. Chatting up the locals proves difficult as most people keep to themselves or just overtly ignore me as I pass by. Shreds of conversation pieced together say I should make my way over to the Government Center. I should have guessed that the local government would be quite busy preparing for the symposium with the Prometheans.

The Government Center didn’t disappoint. It was bustling with activity. My fears of this place increased when I observed at least three groups of people in the building. As expected, I saw the main government officials, Taungoo Administration. The Anima Foundation is a close partner to the stations administration as phosphorus is to the Prometheans. The third group looked like an organized crime syndicate acting as security? Wait? Aren’t we supposed to be the security presence here? The name of this shady group of thugs is the Kyarr. I had to act like I was busy otherwise the security folks became suspicious.

I came across a group of admins and Anima deep in conversation. I made several attempts to work the ebbs and flows of the center to catch as much information as possible. I learned several tidbits but pressed my luck way too far. One of the Kyarr hauled me out the back of the building where I was beaten up severely and tossed into the local prison… also run by you know who… the Kyarr. To my surprise, I was released without interrogation. Sergeant Daio Bu was very happy at what information I was able to obtain. He gave me the next few days off to rest up before the symposium where it will be all hands on deck.

I thought the government at Daedalus was strange beyond the One Path stuff. The three or four way, if you include Consortium, government process here must be maddening. Although I now had days off, things also become very strange indeed.