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Arrival at Taungoo

I arrive and check into the station's Inn named the Rangoon Hotel. After a longish shuttle trip from Tau, I am ready to relax. I make my way to the 2nd floor. I key into my room #267 and park my baggage in the closet. I settle into the tub for a long long soak. I feel the tension easing and weariness of travel fade away. I dry off and get ready to take a long snooze. Approaching the bed, I see a sealed folder sitting flat in the middle of the bed. How did they know it would be this very room where I would be? Well, I was told to expect something upon arrival and here it is.

I roll back the bed sheets, pile up the pillows and roll into bed. I pop the seal and like the first one, there was a single sheet of paper with instructions. It reads: Welcome to Taungoo! Intelligence has learned of a conference that will be bringing Prometheans to the station for a fairly large conference. We are arranging for you to attend this conference. You will have a temporary assignment attached to the Consortium Security office on Taungoo. Please file any information you find to us through the secure channel on your CORETECHS. Also, be aware, we will at times upgrade your CORETECHS firmware. If you encounter any problems with your unit, please report to the Security office and we will deal with it as soon as practical.

The folder and page vanish through my fingers. My hackles go up again. Great, embroiled in more Prometheans. I hope I run into some of my Promethean friends here too.