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Departing Daedalus via Tau

It was early in the morning, my CORETECHS indicated I had a message from the Consortium. I am to head to Taungoo Station. I am to get settled into the Inn and await further instructions. I pack up my things all too ready to leave Daedalus.

I have to travel back to Tau Station briefly to sign up for Basic Engineering: Item Repair 1 and check up on some friends at the University while waiting for a cheaper ticket to Taungoo. I must have lingered a bit too long on campus when I get a page on my CORETECHS. I was instructed to head to the nearest Security office. I said my goodbyes and started walking off campus to Security. On the edge of campus at the first street I was about to cross, a sleek black vehicle pulls up and a door opens. The driver says, “Mr. JoeQuicksilver?”. I nod. The driver continues, “Please get in Ser. I am to get you to Security.” Although Tau is suppose to be a model of stability, I am a little wary of this unannounced transport. The driver say, “Jones sent me.” I nod and get in and close the door. The driver takes off towards the Security office. Watching the sights go by, I noticed this was not the most direct route. I leaned forward to ask the driver. The back seat compartment seals up and I am gassed. Great! Nice to know I can be trusted.

I wake up with a bit of a foggy mind. I am sitting in a chair in what appears to be a small interrogation chamber. I am at least here in one piece and not in restraints, that is a plus. A man in a suit darts in and says, “Good, you are awake, I will let Jones know.” He leaves a glass of water on the table and quickly goes out. He said nothing, but I vaguely remember him from the University; you can’t mistake a suit. I take a sip of water and relax a bit comfortable that I am in the right place.

Jones opens the door and come in with a pad under his arm. Jones says, “Sorry for the cloak and dagger pick-up.” I say, “I was fine with the first class pickup, but the knockout gas was a bit over the top.” Jones says, “This is a hidden facility. Not that you can hide a facility in a space station, but we take the precautions anyway. Not many people know its exact location.” I say, “So, why have you brought me here?” Jones says, “For one thing, you were instructed only to register for classes on campus.” I say, “Sorry, I missed my classmates.” Jones says,”All I can say, is get used to it. Until we can figure out why certain people are vanishing and what brought us all to near ruin in the Catastrophe we are all in grave danger and visiting your classmates puts them in harm's way. Your last report was a fascinating read. We at least now know that the Prometheans are not acting alone.” I say, “My last communique indicated I was to go to Taungoo?”. Jones says, “Yes. Intelligence is still deciding our next move. By the time you get there, information should be waiting for you at the Inn. Ready to go?” I say, “Yes. I have my shuttle ticket right here…” Before I was able to finish the sentence, everything went black for a moment and the next moment I was sitting in the waiting area for the public shuttles. I chuckled to myself. I need to learn how they did that. I take a look at the time and it was only a mere segment or two before departure. Where does the time go!