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I have been taking breaks from my studies and strolling around the Daedalus. It didn’t take long for me to discover that there are larger forces here than just your run of the mill Prometheans. The majority follow the largely recognized One Path. There is a major production facility, the P-15 plant, that pumps out phosphorus by the neverending cargo freighter. Getting up enough nerve, I took a tour of the P-15 plant. The Prometheans call it a pilgrimage. After the tour, the one mystery that tugged at my mind was what was actually being used to feed the P-15 plant. I would always see freighters of stuff going out, but nary a freighter coming in with supplies. So, as it turns out there is a secret police force for the Prometheans that provide the “fuel” as it were. This police force seems to put a lot of non-Prometheans on edge especially those that might have taken advantage of things not of the One Path. Although the Inn is very safe, those that cannot afford that luxury can be found in the ruins and formed sort of a loose resistance network. Rummaging through the ruins, I had a chance to talk to one person briefly before we had to make a break for it. It also seems the local Consortium Security are simply overwhelmed by stacks of missing person reports. All this insight, sorry, I could not be more specific, I sent to my Consortium contact via CORETECHS. One thing I have decided not to report back yet is meeting with a small group digging stuff up from pre-Catastrophic times! My contacts there may reach out to me again after handling a special project for them. Maybe I will get a clue to how the Catastrophe happened? The strain between the Peerage and the Moemedi created by my past transgressions seems to have been forgotten. Or has it? Maybe the fear of retribution from the Peerage has passed for now, my new allies have other people they have ticked off. Making arms dealers angry was probably not a good move. To be honest, I can’t wait to move on. I look forward to the next assignment from the Consortium. Until then, it is back to “Introduction to Engineering.”