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Promotion, trouble and favors oh my!

Work is going well. Don’t aim too high, failures count against you and can lead to a demotion. Sticking to the straight and narrow I have quickly joined the ranks of the corporation. The additional salary in bonds is great.

I was going to save up for a clone. After talking to some more of the locals, the default template seems like the best deal for now. Just be sure to keep valuables in storage and money in the bank. If you die, the worldly possession on you are gone. Instead of investing in a clone, invest in clones of your possessions. It is about as expensive and “your clone will thank you!”.

I decided to stir up some trouble in the ruins today. I quickly learned that I was still way underpowered and outgunned. Whatever they eat or drink out in the ruins must give them mutant superpowers. After just a few fisticuffs, I made a run for it. There were shouts of security nearby as I was fleeing. More time at the gym seems to be in order.

I must have been too efficient doing favors for the locals here that there is only my job and other work in the discreet corners of the station. Word of my good deeds must be getting around to the other stations. One favor involved traveling to another station. Almost had my hands on a star chart and a ship! Alas, there were other forces at work and yes another gun pointed at my head.

Until moving time to a new station, we will be focused on the gym, the job and picking up some more useful skills at the university. We will keep probing the ruins for gems. Maybe I’ll get lucky someday.