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No place like home

Finally got off the station streets today. Resting in my room at the inn seems to give me a little energy boost. Will definitely have to work that into my nap schedule so I can destress a bit more from the world rebuilding beyond these walls.

With a recent promotion, I should be able to afford the upkeep of the room.

Helping out the locals landed me in the brig for a very short period. It seemed more a slap on the wrist. Based on stories from other ruin rats, I also bought my first set of gear. Some basic armor that offers slight protection and weapons. The favor today involved someone holding me at gun point. Unfortunately, one wrong choice landed me in the brig. After some explaining a second time around...I also managed not to get shot. That job ended with a bang!

The next favor seems to be in KĂžbenhavn. I think I will kick around this station for awhile. The basic information in the CORETECHS archive suggests getting a clone in case of death. Saving up for a clone will keep me out of trouble for a while.