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There is definitely something in the food rations

Is it me or is there something about the food rations that help you get things done? You don't starve to death in this world. You just get plum tuckered out causing you to lose all your focus. The world in most cases happily stops until you have rested to continue.

Here is the funny bit. The food rations here do something pretty amazing. In the way distant memory, I believe I was used to three square meals a day. That just does not work here. I have made some hard adjustments. The sleeping cycle seems to be the same, although the time units are quite different.

If you have just woken up from your nap. You can slowly coast along at a steady pace and not exhaust yourself. You will still likely need cat naps during the day.

Here are some hints that I have discovered to spread out your enjoyment a little longer during the day. When you first wake up, give yourself a strenuous balanced workout by working your day job or whatever side tasks tickle your fancy. Once your completely tapped out, that is when you want to eat your ration. It is almost like you can repeat your day over again!

Occasionally, you can run into some extra work right out in the open or in discreet corners of the station. These are best to tackle at the start of your day. If you get a little short on energy to complete the task, a ration may make the difference.

There must be some nanite residue in the ration packs? For a short period after consuming a ration, the lazy pace above seems to be accelerated by a factor of two. I find that systematically working my day job in the period after eating a ration is very profitable. Once the feeling wears off, that is a great time to settle in for a long nap.

One final workout before heading to bed seems to work well.


  1. The rations also last quit long, if you eat several of them.

    A while ago I obtained a stash of more than 50 of them (don't ask), and did a day of feasting and working. Even 20 days later I felt comfortably well-fed.

    Isn't that amazing?

  2. Indeed! A very powerful observation.