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First arrival

...and then I was just here at Tau Station. I woke up in the Sick Bay with a total case of amnesia. The one thing you don't totally loose is your purpose. That courses through your blood. Trading seems to be that blood. Is it mine? That remains to be seen. The nice folks at Sick Bay had some personal belongings. All that I had was 500 bonds in a bank account. The doctors gave me one more look over before discharging they gave me a very quick reorientation.

I was reminded to pickup my daily ration at Government Center and parted ways. I have made a home at Tau Station on the streets of the station. People are very friendly. Three people helped me get up to speed on how things operate at Tau Station. The CORETECHS device is very helpful.

I seem to be starting over again. Relearning my career as a trader. If I want to be successful, I will want a very fast ship. Getting a ship running so we can piece things back together here after the aftermath seems to be the goal. Time to get busy.