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13) Sticky situation

At this point, I don't even remember exactly why I went to the coning center.

I do remember that when I walked in, the guy there looked terrible, and soon vanished.
I later found out he had gone to return his lunch. So to speak.

At any rate, while he wasn't around, I looked around, and the next thing I know, I'm stopping some hooded figure from messing with a tank.

That's when things started to get messy. Both figuratively and literally.

I ended up with an attractive woman in my arms, and tank slime over the 2 of us. She seemed pretty out of it, as one would expect an early waking clone to be, but soon the real troubles began:

She wanted me help.

I considered her plight, and the fact that someone had murdered her, and tried to murder her clone. She seemed to think her boss was involved, so invited me to go with her to her work place.

This seemed to be about the dumbest idea I had heard, and I had heard plenty. She was likely on her last clone, and I wasn't so sure about the status of mine, having never used one. I wasn't particularly eager to find out what the clone life was like either.

So with all of that running through my mind, I looked her in the eyes and said:

"OK, let's do this."

I had really meant to say "I think I've helped enough already." But somehow the words came out wrong when I was looking in her eyes.

Next thing I know, she's hugging prime suspect #1. I had really wanted to start the discussion with Joykiller and then question his clone, but hard to do when she's embracing him.

At any rate, it turned out her files were deleted. Like all of them. As though she never existed. Who ever did it: they did a pro job. They not only got the main files, but also emptied the decycling bin that Portals has for easy recovery.

Fortunately: I had acquired a fair bit of understanding between my repair course at the University, and all that reading I've been doing before bed.

I hacked down to the Firmware Level Operations Protocol and pulled a few FLOP tricks. I checked the SKINNY table and found the deleted files were still in the server, only the pointers to the files had been erased. Like dumping all the paperwork out of a file cabinet, but not actually shredding it.

All I had to do was tag the files to make the system see them again. I had her info restored, mostly, in about 2 segment's time.

That's when things went from bad to worse: She's married. Or was. I don't know exactly.

At any rate: she says the guy is on another station, but she can't go there, so your's truly told her:

"I've had enough of this, I'm out of here."

And looking in her eyes, I heard my voice sound like: "Sure, I'd be happy to go get myself killed on another station for you, let me pack my bags!"

I probably should wait on booking a shuttle, until my promotion in a few segments, so I have extra income for my clone. I hope he appreciates what I'm doing for him.