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12) So glad that I took that repairing course

Besides the sheer enjoyment of understanding how things work: I'm able to keep my equipment in tip top shape.

I was working on just that, but I guess my focus was a bit low, and I drifted off to sleep...

Upon waking, I was feeling refreshed and focused, so I figured this was a good time to go looking for trouble.

First place I looked: I hit dirt. Not pay dirt, just dirt.

trouble wasn't there, but Mugger was. I opened fire, and hit him about 4 times while advancing. The Joykiller was having a nice effect, but I wanted to give Mugger a taste of my blade.

That's when the problems started. I had it with me of course, but not properly equipped.

It was hard to wrestle the blade out and keep a steady aim at the same time. This close and Mugger was able to repeatedly knock the barrel tip of my rifle away. I missed him more than I hit, and the shots I landed were just grazings at this range.

Long story short: he will likely recover from the battle faster than I will. The medical team at sick bay are a bit annoyed with me for all the work I've been sending their way. I could recover at the Inn in my room faster than under their "excellent" care. I'm not exaggerating.

They wont hear of it though, I am literally "confined to bed rest" on a hard metal slab.

"But this isn't a bed!"

They didn't even bother to answer, just checked the straps to make sure they were snug. Wouldn't want me to hurt myself or anything.

I pointed out that none of my wounds were self inflicted, but they argued my behavior was self destructive. My current condition proving their point.

I couldn't even repair my equipment while strapped down.

"Can I at least read a book? How about a repair manual?"

I heard the door lock after is slid shut as the only response.

Right. Why lock the door when I can't even scratch my nose?

I told myself that they left my blade under me so that I couldn't cut the straps, and not simply to make the "bed" more uncomfortable. After the 20th time: I was starting to believe myself. Sort of.