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11) No Joy

They say that power corrupts, so it is no surprise that the junkie I first ran into is well financed.

Indeed: it is his healthy finances that allows him to feed his habit.

It also allows him to feed other habits, and it shouldn't be surprising that a wealthy junkie should have more than one.

The other habit that also proved useful to me is his habit of collecting toys.

It turns out, not only did he have a good understanding of what would be a suitably simple rifle for me to use, but also had one sitting around in one of his collections:


This is, to put it concisely: one of the finest weapons ever crafted!

The Killjoy combines the 3 factors desirable in a rifle exceedingly well:

  1. Ease of use.
    With even the minimal investment in training, you can use this toy at full efficiency.

  2. Accuracy: It exceeded even my moderately expensive choice, which was rare enough to acquire previously.

  3. Effect on target.
    The Killjoy delivered here also, topping my previous preference nicely.

And so it was that I caught trouble by surprise once again.
He had no idea what that sound was as the first shot hit him. His gun went off before even leaving his side, mostly my involuntary actions.

As he bounced off the wall, he turned towards the sound as the second shot slammed him back against the wall. His gun still by his side narrowly missed his foot a second time.

The third shot he got off was almost directly up, as he clasped him head with both hands, roughly where it had thrice (that's a word) smacked the building.

His forth shot came somewhere between him hitting the building, yet again, and hitting the ground.

I checked my watch: Security would likely find him in another half segment, I had hardly burned even 1 unit per shot. It took me longer to lift the contents of his wallet and strip his brand new armor off.

The merchant would be happy to sell it to him again.

I headed for the Gym. It had been more taxing to find trouble than to finish him, and I needed a bit more of a workout before my nap.