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9) A promise is a promise

It turns out that Tom has some pretty nice equipment. Or should I say: had.

I took his armor to one of the local merchants, who agreed to pay me the standard 30% of what it was worth. I happened to mention while I was handing it over that I had liberated it from Tom as explanation for why it was in less than pristine condition.

Gently used I think was how I described it.

At any rate, the merchant did raise an eyebrow at the source, and gave a slight whistle under his breath. He counted out the credits as agreed, then hesitated a moment before adding a few extras to the stack and pushing them across to me as he took the armor.

Both of us were smiling as I left the shop.

I looked at the security camera and noticed the casing wasn't on quite right. The usual red light wasn't visible. I was about to snap the cover into place properly when I spotted a lose wire. Someone had clearly jimmied the case open and pulled a plug out.

Easy enough to fix. I had the casing back on it in under 10 units.

"Thank you" I heard as I turned to leave. His lack of armament, as much as his voice, told me he was new around here.

"You're welcome." I returned, and left the market happy that I had made a couple people happier.

I went back to Tom's place, not terribly surprised that Tom wasn't there. He had been in pretty rough shape when he had dropped me with a lucky shot, and had not recovered much in the segment it took me to return and finish the job.

It wasn't Tom I was looking for anyway. I calmly walked past his place and turned right.

I'm still not quite sure why trouble didn't expect me? He had not moved far from where he had seen me drop Tom, and yet he looked surprised to see me.

He hardly put any effort into the fight, and didn't even damage my armor.
I lowered my rifle and walked up to him.

"Say 'hi' to Tom for me."

It was the first time I had spoken to trouble in all of our fights and it caught him off guard. A puzzled look crossed his face. He was still trying to figure out what I meant half a unit later until my blade sent him to the adjoining bed in sick bay.

It felt good to keep my promise. A man that doesn't speak often should be good for his word.