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8) Tom

I went looking for trouble again, and found him a few times.

It seems the more I put the pressure on him, the more predictable he becomes in his desperation.

After a few meetings, I found him out in front of Tom's place.

Not surprisingly: Tom, better known as the petty bandit, decided to help his friend out with this annoyance. No doubt that by now Tom had heard of my persistence, and trouble's desperation was unmistakable. Even at a distance, and poor lighting not withstanding.

At any rate: Tom's body language broadcast his intent to get involved, and I was well aware that he was a better shot than trouble.

I shifted my aim and connected with Tom, but not before he had managed to bring his own to bear, and connecting with his target.

He had had too much time to decide how he was going to handle it, and I decided that I wasn't going to make that mistake again.

As soon as I got out of sick bay, I headed to the Gym and hit the weights and courses until I couldn't focus anymore. Then I headed to the marketplace and got something to eat, and headed back to Tom's place.

Less than a segment had passes, and Tom looked absolutely shocked to see me again so soon. Right before I pulled the trigger. He never even got his gun fully drawn, just doubled over and collapsed.

I cleaned Tom out, then looked at trouble cowering behind the corner of the building.

"Sorry, I need to sell a few things at the market, but I'll come back and visit you later."

And with that: trouble vanished behind the building.

I turned and strolled out like I owned the place.

I knew they saw me, and that was the point.