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5 Three times a charm

This nap was a bit longer than the last, but my arrival back in the ruins was still earlier than expected.

This time I paid attention to how my toys were meant to be used, and I started out with my rifle. As soon as I was in range. The look of relief was no longer on his face, and I didn't stop firing until it was his turn to visit sick bay.

I took his ill gotten gains, and headed to the Gym. I hadn't had much of a workout in the ruins this time, and it would be a while before he was out of sick bay. I needed something to help me nap.

When I got back to the ruins, he was in a predictably bad mood. He was dealing with it by roughing up some new kids and taking what little money they had.

I didn't even wait for him to turn around, just started firing as soon as I was in range.

He never even had a chance to put those credits away.

While he was sleeping it off in sick bay, I paid another visit to storage and the market. I needed to lighten my load...

As I entered the ruins, I heard someone mutter something about "Groundhog Day." I'll have to look that up at some point.

Once again, I found trouble, and he was expecting me this time. The look on his face told me he thought he had a chance. At first. As his expression changed to desperation, his aim deteriorated. Then I saw only pain on his face as I cleaned him out again.