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4 Oops

I awoke in a good mood. I checked the clock.

I estimated that he was likely out of sickbay by now, and I headed to the marketplace.

I either stored or sold the things I found. I wanted to be traveling light because I planned to be picking up some more stuff shortly.

And so I went back to the ruins to pick up more stuff.

He was there again, and this time he recognized me. He was a bit faster to get his shots off this time. I had lost the element of surprise. I also made the mistake of trying to get close and personal too soon. He put several rounds through my armor before I could connect with my other new toy.

I remember thinking "That didn't go exactly as planned." as my vision faded from blood loss, but the look on his face was not the smirk he always had in days past. He wasn't mocking a weakling he had beaten and robbed this time.

No, his look was quite different. His main expression seemed to be relief. Even with my mistakes: he had narrowly edged out the victory. He knew it. I knew it. He knew I knew it.

There was no mocking laugh as I faded out, and that left me in a good mood when I woke in sick bay.

"That wasn't as bad as we thought." said the tech when I woke up, and I was free to go home.

So I went back to the Inn.