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3 Returning Home

I spent a lot of time in the ruins, so even though I no longer needed the money: I found myself daily taking trips to find what I could find.

I no longer flit from shadow to shadow like I used to just days ago. I stroll in wearing my nice armor. My riffle handy in case trouble finds me, and my special surprise in case things get a bit more personal.

I've figured out what it takes to be exceptional in all areas. I've spent the time in the Gym, reading, and at the lounge, to make sure I keep myself at the exceptional level.

Not that I have any illusions about being the best. I learned a long time ago that there is always someone stronger, and they usually are surrounded by many others who prevent you from having a decent 1 on 1 fight, even when you know you couldn't win that.

But there are those you remember. Those who picked on you when you were down. And today, I was looking for one of those.

Only this time, I wasn't down.

You could say that, for the first time in my life: I was looking for trouble. In the ruins.

I found him. Of course, he didn't recognize me. He had never seen me carry a rifle, and certainly not wearing armor. He always wore armor though, and always carried weapons. He always took from others who already had little.

Today was personal. Today was payback. I fired. It was the first time I fired, but it felt so natural. At some point I kind of marveled at how I was consistently hitting him. I had expected him to hit me also, but surprised that the armor didn't protect me better. I made a mental note to keep an eye out for better armor as I cleaned any valuables off his body before security arrived.

I went back to the Inn before security got there. Spread out on the bed and did a bit of reading before taking a nap.

It felt good to be home.