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2 Knowledge is power

After taking the combat basics course at the University, I understood what I didn't understand: I needed to take courses to use the new toys I had bought.

I had the money, so I quick visit to the bank now and then, and I started the courses.

While the courses were at work, so was I. Literally.

You would think that the port never had so eager a worker. I got promoted in my new job after only 2 days! There were also indications already that my next promotion was a forgone conclusion, just needed a few more days to process it...

I was taking a liking to the work thing, and also spending time in the Gym to help me do even better. No more dropping the fuel line on my way to refuel a ship!

I started reading everything I could get my hands on, and soon the difficult task of Cargo Inspection was seeming easy. Everyone seemed to be happy with my progress, and I no longer felt like a ruins rat. That is probably the best part of the work.

Soon I was taking side jobs as I had been suggested. I didn't really need the money, but I wanted to learn about all there was to learn. I was having fun! And the more I did: the better I seemed to get at everything I did!

Knowledge is power!