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A new culture?

Two star systems, twelve tiny stations... and we still have no idea what happened to the rest of the world we once knew. We seem to be able to survive, and even collect enough credits and knowledge to buy and fly starships. Yet, it still seems to be quite normal that everyone walks through the stations fully armed, and here and then someone makes use of his weapons. Security on the stations and the occasional brig sentences don't really prevent violence.

I would prefer to be able to stroll through the markets without fear for my health or wallet, or to sit in the bar or lounge without a rifle or shredhand getting into the way of enjoying some company. This is annoying.

I'd like to try a new approach to that: I declare that I don't attack other citizens who try to get around on the stations. And I am inviting others to do the same. I am willing to create a syndicate which has this as part of its code of conduct, so that the syndicate tag makes it immediately visible that others are safe from attacks.

By the way: I am not a pacifist. The inhabitants of the Ruins and Sewers obviously make no effort to participate in re-building the stations, and they don't learn from the past. If someone wants to let off steam there, just go ahead.

So, if you're interested in having such a syndicate around and willing to sign for its creation (you don't need to join if you don't want to go that far), then please drop me a note. I'll compensate for your travel expenses to the station where the syndicate will be created, though unfortunately I can't compensate for your time.

Note: This entry originally appeared as the introduction to the blog, which was a mistake. We have that syndicate now. It's called the Knights of the Round Tuit.