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A new career?

After having achieved the highest rank in my career, I figured what would be the best follow-up... One that complements my stats so I can get well-paid jobs everywhere? That would be the Port Technician. Or one which is of a related domain to my primary career? So what's closest to a career as an Criminal? Security comes into my mind, but then they tend to get closer to me than I'd like to be close to them. It's the same with Medicine.... I'd rather not see them. Or business, since every successful trader is a criminal? Or politics, since every politician is a criminal, without a filter by "successful"? Turns out the relation is indeed pretty close: In the career system of mid-202, a criminal (I'd prefer the term "opportunist") gets to hang around a lot at the government center, So it seems to be the same career, after all. Only an opportunist earns cash.

I ended up in trying every career now and then, unless I'm in need of some cash for a shuttle, where my primary career comes in quite handy...