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Grind Grind Grind

Just hanging out on the Ghosts of Mali until I level up.

Getting to 9th level is gonna take a bit of time at this rate.

I've run most of the missions I can and the others have had problems (the life of an alpha tester). Soon, I'll be going to a level 9 station but today is not that day.


  1. What is an alpha tester? New career available on Alpha Centauri? ;-D

  2. In this blog. At best it is an amalgam a stream of consciousness permeated with thoughts.

    If you like it could be the fever dreams of a clone gestating alone in the vats of Sol dreaming of a reality yet to be or never was.

    Do clones dream of vat grown sheep?

  3. Am at the grinding point, but at level 7. Any pointers on maximizing experience? I find when I take on trouble, I get whacked more often than not, yet after missions are done, I am getting tired of training, signing up for courses, and searching aimlessly in Ruins. I feel like there must be a better way - or that more missions per level would help. That, of course, requires content, which obviously takes time!

  4. Side jobs are the best way to reach the next level.

  5. Thanks. Will start my alternative career.