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FIrst in Alpha Centauri?

I still find it odd I was the first of the Alpha 100 to get to Alpha Centauri (AC).

It's an interesting place. Lots of fun missions so far. So fun that I hated that they had to end. I mean, crawling around the innards of a sentient ship? After you followed it through a jump gate!

It is a tad bit annoying to have missions drag you all over the 'verse but that's ok. They are fun.

I also found a station that has ships actually for sale, Yards of Gadani! Just a mere 210Kc for the cheapest, a private shuttle. I would hate to think the upkeep costs for that.

Welp, back to the grind of exploring this game.


  1. It does feel like a bit of a grind. I'm looking forward to the day when there are more writers on board.