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Life progress

One cycle ago I could not have imagined my life today. I still have a long way to go and as a wise comrade once said; there will always be something new driving me forward. But one cycle ago I was still trying to survive the best I could in the red zones of Tau station when a stranger gave me hope for a better future for myself. I thought that being a 'ruins rat' (still kinda despise that derogatory term) was all there was for me, even after the last of my family passed, the only thing really tying me to where I was. But I got out.

Of course it was hard work. Pulling in many shifts at the port, starting off just cleaning most days. It wasn't easy! Now I can proudly say that I've repaired ships on my own. These vessels would not be there flying out in the stars if it weren't for me. I have even been recognised for my work, promoted to an Apprentice Ship Technician and now I am waiting for my interstellar shuttle to take off, travelling further than I ever have before. Alpha Centauri here I come! Can't wait to see what the future has in store for me!